Mommy Ninja Goes to the Library


“Let’s go to the library!” I exclaimed as I fastened their seatbelts. We hadn’t been to the library for a few months as there are certain stages in a little one’s early years that suit going to the library more than at other times! I felt that perhaps my youngest was past that stage and ready for the library again. So we hopped on over to that special place of magical lands and fairytales anticipating a grand adventure!

When we arrived, little E went straight for the computers to which I directed, “No computers. We’re here to look at books.” First obstacle conquered. We continued on to the children’s area. Right away, I noticed the kids’ toys were gone, to which I quickly processed the next obstacles in keeping my almost 2 year old distracted from running around the entire library. After adjusting to this predicament, I discerned that this would actually work in my favor as there would be no transfer of mid-winter germs to my children and would aid in my determination to train said 2 year old in the art of reading and sitting still… a determination that takes Ninja Mommy skills. I am that Ninja Mommy. Four kids later, I have acquired skills!

I grabbed a quick book to direct my children to the little kid table. Every new thing for a two year old is awesome… for about 5 seconds! But another obstacle stood in my way… another two year old stood at the table. I was intimidated. My plans were being thwarted and the stare down between the two toddlers began with a loud, “No!” from the other child. My little H has developed a furrowed brow habit that he directs toward anyone who is looking at him for a prolonged amount of time. I wasn’t sure what would happen next as the 5 second silence was too much for me to bear. I swiftly encouraged my little munchkin to “come look at books!” So I went on the search for the most wholesome and intriguing of children’s literature. I have been very impressed with the selection at our library and I always leave with way more books than I had planned. So I put down my bag, and started the collection. Little E had already found a book on Ninjago, a treasured find and he was eagerly absorbing the pictorial content. I continued my quest for excellent literature that would provide learning opportunities and help my little ones develop their taste for beauty and art in literature.

After a brief interest in three Thomas the Train books, little H had found the Dr Seuss shelf which he was absolutely fascinated by. He was book by book dismantling their entire display shelf and re-organizing the books in various new locations. When I tried to lead him toward sitting down to look at some books on a puffy pillow, he eventually took off running laps around the children’s book shelves! I was determined to pick out my special books when he went to the older children’s area and found a book on wrestling, which doesn’t surprise me as he was pinning his older brother to the ground in the kitchen earlier this morning!

Finally, I had collected enough books and went to check them out while Little E played on the computer, and Little H mostly played with headphone cords while trying to rip them out of the computer and tripping on them as he flung himself to the floor in a fit of frustration.

After stuffing my diaper bag full of books and picking up my flailing two year old, we headed for the exit door only to have all the security alarms sound. So we went through 10 minutes of trying to figure out which books still needed to be silenced.

We left the library that morning with: a little “twaddle” which Charlotte Mason would not approve of; a little Pinkalicious, Purplicious, Emeraldicious and Aqualicious because if you read one, you must read them all; a little ninja here and a little ninja there; some Tomie de Paola, Felicia Bond, and to top it all off, some Jan Brett! It was a successful trip to the library. This Ninja Mommy will return to the library next time with a few new strategies to continue to conquer each obstacle in her path while defending the cause of literacy and excellency in children’s literature… ninja style!

Or maybe he’s just not ready to go back to the library yet.


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