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Educating Our Children & Gospel Freedom

As I drove past the magnolia tree in our community yesterday, I pointed out to the kids that soon there will be flowers on the tree. It gave me great delight that soon the sun will be daily radiating its light in a clear blue sky, and the air will be warm with the smell of blossoms in the early morning. Spring is almost here, boxes are being packed and a season of change is about to blossom. With that change, for many of us in the ¬†community where we live, we are thinking of next steps for us, our jobs, and our childrens’ education. So many factors play into this including income, location, educational options, and the unique needs of our children. We commit these things to prayer and ask God for wisdom, which He will indeed honor.

Over a year ago, I wrote a post about educating our children with grace. I believe so strongly in this that as Christians we need to bring all these factors to the Lord and ask for His wisdom in the path He wants us to take. It will look different for everyone. The following resources from Risen Motherhood are beautifully done and very helpful to me as we consider what this next school year will look like for our children. Since many parents are in the process of considering their options for the next year, I hope these resources can give rest, peace, and a reminder of the freedom we have in Christ, the faith that we can trust God to guide each one of us, and the joy in knowing that our Father God is with us in whatever direction He takes us.

Listen to the Education Series that is currently airing on Risen Motherhood:

Freedom in Education – Choosing an Education Option for your Child

Featured topics and speakers:

How Should I Educate My Children? The Case for Freedom In School Choice, Part 1

Freedom In School Choice: Melissa Kruger – Private School, Part 2 – COMING 3.14.18

Freedom In School Choice: Irene Sun – Homeschool, Part 3 – COMING 3.21.18

Freedom In School Choice: Jen Wilkin – Public School, Part 4 – COMING 3.28.18



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